CRF 250R

Honda CRF 250R


Heroic podium speeches start with heroic holeshots—if you’re not on it from the second the gate drops, the other guys are gonna eat your lunch. That’s why you need to be on a Honda CRF250R. Because it’ll be you who’s doing the feeding—feeding the rest of the field your roost. High-revving DOHC engine. Fine-tuned twin-spar aluminum chassis. The kind of fit, finish, and refined detail you see on factory bikes. The list of features goes on and on. It’s a complete package that’s ready to win, right off the showroom floor. All it takes is the right rider—and that’s where you come in


Honda’s engineers considered every component carefully when optimising the bike’s performance. They found that a perfect combination of rigid frame and reduced weight results in an excellent turn of pace and superior riding dynamics. The result is a bike with razor-sharp handling and responsiveness. It also means the CRF 250R accelerates eagerly with a twist of the throttle, yet gives you exceptional power control when you’re picking your way through ruts and rough terrain.

A slimline frame gives the rider a greater sense of control, allowing you to grip the model’s sides with your legs more easily, and use your whole body to balance and steer the CRF 250R. Whatever your height, the CRF provides you with a comfortable ride. The position of the seat, foot pegs, and handlebars are suitable for riders of most sizes, allowing you to plant your feet firmly on the ground, or shift your bodyweight while negotiating those tricky inclines. Whether you’re moving or stationary, the Honda CRF 250R works with you for a better, more comfortable, and positive rider experience.



The CRF250R’s dual-exhaust system is light, compact, and positioned close and low in the frame to take weight off the rear end and bring more mass to the bike’s center for improved handling. The pipes' length are fine-tuned to give you more low- and midrange torque.


We’re talking about a special ECU program here: push the button to select the mode, hold the throttle open, release the clutch, and the CRF250R will do the rest, launching you into the first turn with a big advantage. It turns your bike into a holeshot-seeking machine!


This simple handlebar-mounted button lets you dial in engine power delivery character with a push of your thumb. Choose between Standard, Smooth and Aggressive, depending on track conditions.

Engine and performance


With our better-breathing DOHC design and the big-bore/short-stroke engine, the CRF250R’s rev limit is way impressive. The same goes for peak power and peak torque.


Feel free to hold that throttle open and head for the first turn—the CRF250R is designed to win that critical holeshot drag race. You’ll also feel the increased low-end to mid-range torque.


With a 44mm venturi designed to speed up airflow, the CRF250R’s throttle body really reaps benefits at low engine operating speeds. You get power and snap, right now.


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