Unicorn 160

Honda Unicorn 160

Honda’s Unicorn 160 has been designed to stand apart from rival models with sporty, yet elegant looks, and lively performance. The bike puts a smile on the face of its riders while at the same time delivering clean and cost-effective motoring. It’s compact, it’s nippy, and it’s the perfect solution to the daily commute, where performance, comfort, and fuel economy all really matter. The Unicorn 160 is an affordable and practical bike that doesn’t compromise in the style and good looks departments, either.


The bike is offered with an elegant black, grey, or striking red paint finish to complement or contrast with the black wheel rims. Black matt exhausts and the slender saddle add a feeling of sophistication to the model. The Honda Unicorn 160 looks bigger than it actually is, giving it great road presence and a typical Honda personality that appeals to both men and women. 

The saddle is comfortable on long journeys and features a grab handle at its rear for times when you’re carrying a pillion passenger. The slim body of the machine and the ergonomic styling lets you grip the bike securely, making you an integral part of the bike and improving the handling and responsiveness. A gently curving fuel tank does not obstruct your movements, and adds to the sophisticated, flowing lines.


A smart digital new LCD meter console behind the compact windscreen displays all the key information clearly and close to the rider’s line of sight, to keep you fully informed at all times without distracting you from the road ahead. At the front of the bike there is also a weighted handlebar to add stability and improve the riding experience. Enhancing the feeling of control is a race-inspired suspension set up, which also boosts the bike’s comfort. 

The newly developed air filter reduces the amount of maintenance that is needed, making it a user-friendly bike for novice riders as well as more experienced motorcyclists. The saddle is comfortable on long journeys and features a grab handle at its rear for times when a passenger is on board. The rider can grip the slim body securely and a gently curving fuel tank does not obstruct your movement.

Performance and safety

The Unicorn 160 is equipped with a strong 160cc four-stroke engine that is air cooled for optimum performance. Power is delivered instantly via a five-speed gearbox, and with a lightweight build the bike accelerates eagerly. The smooth delivery means that the power is perfectly controllable, giving you confidence on the road and improving your riding experience. The unit has been refined to consume less fuel and therefore be cheaper to run while also releasing fewer emissions too. It’s a practical, wallet-friendly, and environmentally sound option, that can nip through the daily traffic with ease, or take you on a longer adventure in complete comfort.​ 

Safety is a premium concern to Honda, and the company is renowned for innovative developments to keep riders and passengers safer on the road. To give you peace of mind in the saddle the Unicorn 160 features a 240mm disc brake on the front for smoother, more controlled braking and minimising the chance of skidding. The Unicorn 160 is an excellent choice for commuting or any other everyday rides.