Love riding? It's now easier and a lot more convenient!

Exclusively designed Honda Motorcycles, Lease may be right up your street. Honda Lease is a convenient fixed-cost rental plan, a great option if you don’t want to own the Motorcycle you ride.

How It Works

Agreement length – 12 to 24 months

Anticipated annual mileage - 10,000 KMs per annum

Put down an initial rental - calculated on a multiple of the monthly rentals.


Pay fixed rentals on a monthly basis over your chosen rental period.

Subject to fair wear and tear, and as long as you have not exceeded your annual mileage, simply hand the motorcycle back at the end of your agreement.

As you won’t own the motorcycle, there’s no need to worry about selling it or depreciation in value.

How Does It Compare


Early repayment penalty

Wear and Tear conditions

Insurance, registration at customer’s cost

No Guaranteed buyback

Depreciation risk


Ride a better & reliable motorcycle

Avoid tying up your money

No depreciation risk

Comprehensive Insurance included

Fully maintained

Registration and Road-Side assistance included

No hassle to repair and re-sell

Africa Twin

​Starting from AED 1891.05* per month

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Africa Twin ADV ES

​Starting from AED 2130.45per month

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Gold Wing

​Starting from AED 3440.85per month

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Gold Wing DTC

Starting from AED 3646.65* per month

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​Starting from AED 1205.4per month

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Explore the Shadow


​Starting from AED 1642.2per month

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Explore the Fury


Starting from AED 2877* per month

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Explore the Firebalde

Fireblade SP

Starting from AED 3307.5per month

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Starting from AED 1858.5* per month

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What is the difference between rental and leasing?

Rental is when you hire for a period less than 12 months. Any hire period longer than 12 months is considered a lease. With a rental you pick from the rental companies existing fleet, you can’t choose the specific motorcycle you want and most rental companies do not offer this option.

What documents are required to lease a vehicle?

Passport with visa page, Emirates ID & driver’s license (vehicles may be leased by UAE residents only), a credit card, salary certificate or bank statement from your salary transfer bank.

What is your policy on additional drivers?

Lease customers may add an additional driver for the term of their contract free of cost, provided the additional driver is legally entitled to drive in the UAE. (Subject to approval)

Is Insurance included in the lease?

Yes, fully comprehensive insurance is included in the lease cost. The lease cost also includes Personal Accident Insurance on the leased motorcycle.

I don’t have a credit card. Can I use my spouse’s/relative’s/friend’s card?

No, the lessee should provide his own credit card to lease a motorcycle.

How do I pay for my lease?

The monthly lease charges will be invoiced on the 3rd of each month and are automatically charged on the 10th. Ancillary charges such as Salik and traffic fines will be communicated by e-mail between the 15th – 22nd of each month and charged automatically between the 23rd – 26th.

What are the various additional charges?

Excess mileage charges in the event the motorcycle exceeds the maximum allowed mileage

Late payment fee on unpaid or delayed monthly payments

Early termination fee

Unacceptable wear and tear charges

What should I do when the motorcycle is due for service and maintenance?

Call 800 Honda to book an appointment with our service center.

What should I do when the motorcycle breaks down?

Call 800 HERTZ (43789)

What should I do when I meet with an accident?

Call 800 HERTZ (43789)

What if I want to change the motorcycle or upgrade my motorcycle before end of term?

The option to upgrade or change is only available at the end of the agreement. The early termination penalty will apply for the current contract.

What if I need to terminate my lease early?

Customers who end their long-term lease contracts before the contract end date will be required to pay the early termination penalty highlighted on their contract (3 months lease charge for Staff and 4 months lease for Retail)

What happens if I drive over my contractual mileage allowance?

An additional mileage charge mentioned in your Lease Contract is applicable.

How is yearly registration renewal managed?

Managed by Hertz. Customer will be contacted for registration card renewal

What are the lease payments based on?

The lease payments are determined by the selected model, lease term and specific mileage.

What are the set-up costs to lease a motorcycle?

A one-time charge of AED 150 will apply for the set-up of insurance and lease file, and AED 50 for a new Salik tag will be charged along with the down payment based (equal to one-month lease payment). Should your lease application be rejected (based on credit scoring), a charge of AED 100 will apply as a processing fee.

Can I purchase a parking card for the leased motorcycle?

Yes, a NOC will be provided for customers who wish to purchase a parking card (applicable for DXB & AUH registrations)

How is Salik charged?

Each Salik crossing is charged at AED 4.40 and charged back to the customer monthly. No Salik top up or recharge is required from the customer. Please note Salik charges cannot be paid directly by the customer.

How do I manage traffic violations for leased motorcycles?

Hertz maintains a file with the RTA and monitors all traffic fines ascribed to their fleet daily. These traffic fines are then invoiced to customers with the relevant details monthly along with an admin charge of 10% per fine. Please note traffic fines cannot be paid directly to the RTA by the customer.

Do you allow your motorcycles to be driven off road?

Desert or off-road usage is not permitted, and any associated damage is chargeable in full.

How is registration of the vehicle managed?

Honda will manage the registration of the motorcycle. All the lease motorcycles will be registered in Abu Dhabi/Dubai.

At the end of my lease term, can I extend my lease?

No, extension of lease is not offered. However, you can sign a new agreement with us and opt to lease a new motorcycle at the end of your existing lease.

What should I do at the end of lease?

Our customer service will get in touch with you 48 hours prior to the expiry of your lease and schedule an appointment to handover the motorcycle at the dealership location.

Are there any additional charges at the end of my lease?

There are no additional charges at the end of the lease if the leased motorcycle is returned back conforms to our Fair Wear & Tear guide (shared along with the lease contract)

What do you mean by Wear & Tear?

The day to day use of a motorcycle causes natural wear and tear and corresponding signs of use. Any wear and tear exceeding such limits will be recorded during the motorcycle inspection, evaluated and charged at the end of the lease agreement period. Guidelines will be provided on the wear and tear conditions of what is acceptable and unacceptable before signing the agreement

I need to leave the country / can no longer lease the motorcycle. Can I transfer my lease contract to someone?

Yes, the lease can be transferred for the remainder of the lease period to someone else. Transfer process will take a minimum of 3-4 working days.