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When you need help and support with your Honda Marine engine, Al-Futtaim is the number one place to come. With a team of manufacturer-trained specialists we can deliver a premium service that matches the performance of your engine. Using our experience, professionalism and expert knowledge, we will make sure that the life of your engine is enhanced.

From simple maintenance work to changing gearboxes and engine installations, we can cover a wide range of services. With the most advanced diagnostic equipment available we will quickly assess any issues and offer you suitable solutions.

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Your responsibilities

We ask that all of our customers take responsibility to make sure that their engines are serviced at the recommended times and service records are kept safe. You also need to carry out regular maintenance on your machine to ensure a minimal impact on the environment. You can find the full terms and conditions as well as service requirements in your warranty book and owner’s manual. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or issues.


Power performing at one with nature

Before use make sure you:

  • Read the owners’ manual
  • Learn how to stop the engine in case of emergency
  • Do not exceed the power recommendation from the boat manufacturer
  • Attach the emergency stop switch lanyard securely
  • Do not let anybody operate the system without proper instruction
  • Never attempt to modify the outboard motor
  • Always wear a lifejacket
  • Flush the engine cooling system with fresh water after use
  • Only ever use the correct grade of oils.

When the outboard engine is sold during the warranty period, the remaining warranty benefits can be transferred to the new owners provided the change is registered with Al-Futtaim Honda. You can find the change of ownership details form in the Warranty Booklet and this booklet must be presented by the new owners when trying to claim warranty benefits.

Outboard engines – what is covered?

Honda will repair or replace any part that becomes defective due to material or workmanship under normal use. This excludes the battery. The warranty is valid from the date of purchase for 12 months for commercial use and three years for leisure use subject to usage recommendations set out in the warranty manual.

What is not covered?

  • You will not be covered for labour, parts or lubricant costs for work such as engine tune-ups, cooling and fuel system cleaning or carbon and sludge removal.
  • Normal maintenance part replacement such as: spark plugs, driveballs, washers, rubber seals, anodes, filters and lubricants.
  • Any repairs or servicing required as a result of misuse. This includes racing, overloading, modification, negligence, accident, non-Trading Enterprises parts, lack of maintenance or damage due to use in abnormal conditions.
  • Incidental and consequential damage such as telephone calls, hotel bills, loss of time, commercial loss etc.
  • Any failure where the hourmeter hours have been changed so that the outboard engine hours cannot be ascertained.
  • Damage caused by noise, vibrations or oil seepage which are considered to not affect quality, function or performance.
  • Damage to paint surfaces, metal work, trim caused by environmental factors or weather and airborne chemicals.

Pre-delivery Inspection

To make sure that your Honda Outboard engine is in pristine condition Al-Futtaim Honda will carry out a factory-approved service to clean, inspect and test the condition.

Warranty Conditions

Warranty claims will only be accepted if:

The engine has been serviced at each 100-hour interval thereafter by Al-Futtaim Honda. The service record book must be signed and stamped by the company to authenticate that the service has been carried out.

Accident damage must be repaired in an Al-Futtaim Honda workshop. All work will be carried out at the discretion of Al-Futtaim Honda who reserve the right not to carry out work under the warranty terms if conditions have been broken or the claim is not valid.

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