Need a finance plan made to fit your unique needs? We have the answer you’re looking for, with Honda Advantages. Drive your desired car at low fixed monthly installments without worrying about depreciation or resale. Honda Advantages gives you the flexibility and freedom to drive the car of your dreams with a guaranteed buyback. At the end of your contract period you can decide whether you would like to retain your car, simply return it, or upgrade to a brand-new Honda.


At the beginning of your agreement, we will set a Guaranteed Future Value (GFV), which is the projected guaranteed minimum value of the car at the end of your chosen contract term. Your monthly repayments will be calculated based on the difference between the full value of the car and the fixed GFV.

There are three smart flexible options to choose from when the contract term ends

1) Retain the car by paying the remaining balance, known as the Guaranteed Future Value (GFV).

2) Return the car to Honda and have nothing more to pay, if you’ve stayed within your agreed mileage over the contract term and the car is in good condition.

3) Upgrade Renew to a brand-new Honda and start a new Honda Advantages plan.

Don’t hesitate – You’re one step away from driving the car you’ve always dreamt of.

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City DX

From AED 723* per month

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Civic LX Sport 

From AED 855 * per month

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Accord LX Turbo Sport

From AED 1,176* per month

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From AED 901 * per month

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Pilot LX 2WD 

From AED 1,347* per month

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Odyssey J EXV

From AED 1,482* per month

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Odyssey EXL

from AED 1,888* per month

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Terms and Conditions

*The EMI’s are calculated on the basis of a 20% Down payment (The minimum requirement as per central bank).

*The EMIs are calculated are for a period of 24 months /40000 Kms

*36 months/60000 Kms EMI options are available across all showrooms.

*All prices include 5% VAT


Q. What is the minimum down payment?

A. The down payment would be 20% of the vehicle purchase price and is also subject to bank approval.

Q. Who does the car belong to?

A. The car will be registered in your name along with a mortgage to the financing bank.

Q. Do I have to maintain my car?

A. Yes. The car must be maintained as scheduled by the Manufacturer guidelines (warranty booklet.)

Q. Can my interest rate vary during the agreed term?

A. No. The interest rate remains the same throughout.

Q. Will Honda Advantages also cover maintenance costs?

A. We would recommend that you opt for a maintenance contract that covers the term and mileage agreed upon in your Honda Advantages contract.

Q. What happens if I exceed the mileage limit agreed upon?

A. Standardized excess mileage charge, as described in the Terms & Conditions will be applicable

Q. What happens if the trade-in value is MORE than the GFV?

A. Any positive equity is passed on to the customer. Then you can choose to en-cash the excess or use it towards the down payment on the next car.

Q. What happens if the trade-in value is LESS than the GFV?

A. If the car is maintained as per the Terms & Conditions of the contract, the GFV will be honored

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