Honda Lease Plans provide agreements over set terms, with fixed monthly rates to accommodate your budget. The length of the agreement is adjustable from one to three years, depending on your needs, with the all-inclusive monthly installment covering insurance, routine maintenance & repairs *, as well as 24 hour roadside assistance and warranty.

At the end of your agreement, simply return your vehicle with nothing more to pay, as long as you've stayed within your agreed mileage over the contract term and the car is in good condition.

What are you waiting for? Choose the model, trim and color of your desired car and experience the Joy of Moving with Honda.

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* Leasing rate for 2 years / 40,000kms

*All prices include 5% VAT

*1 and 3 years contract terms also available


Lease Vehicle Enquiry
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What is the difference between rental and leasing?

Rental is when you hire for a period less than 12 months. Any hire period longer than 12 months is considered a lease. With a rental you pick from the company's existing rental fleet, you can't choose the specific vehicle you want, and it will likely not be a brand new vehicle.

What documents are required to lease a vehicle?

Passport & Visa Page Copy, Emirates ID, Driver's license, Credit card, 1-month bank statement from a Salary Transfer Bank, or a Salary Certificate, Un-dated a security cheque equal to 4 months lease payment (to be returned at the end of the lease)

Can I add accessories like Tints / Lift Kits and Tires / Navigation / Parking Sensors etc. to the car?

Yes, any accessories can be installed on the vehicle and will be charged upfront at service center. However, fitments cannot be returned nor refunded post end of the lease.

What are the set-up costs to lease a vehicle?

A one-time charge of AED 150 will apply for the set-up of insurance and lease file, and AED 50 for a new Salik tag will be charged along with the down payment based on the lease vehicle choice. Down payment varies from car to car ranging from 1, 2 or 3 months lease payment.

Should your lease application be rejected (based on credit scoring), a charge of AED 100 will apply as a processing fee.

Is Insurance included in the lease?

Yes, fully comprehensive insurance is included in the lease cost. The lease cost also includes Personal Accident Insurance on the leased vehicle.

How do I pay for my lease?

The monthly lease charges will be invoiced on the 3rd of each month and are automatically charged on the 10th. Ancillary charges such as Salik and traffic fines will be communicated by e-mail between the 15th – 22nd of each month and charged automatically between the 23rd – 26th.

What should I do when the vehicle is due for service and maintenance?

Call 800 HONDA to book an appointment with our service centre.

How do I manage traffic violations for leased vehicles?

Hertz, our leasing partner maintains a file with the RTA and monitor all traffic fines as described to the vehicles daily. These traffic fines are then invoiced to customers with the relevant details monthly along with an admin charge of 10% per fine. Please note traffic fines cannot be paid directly to the RTA by the customer.

What if I want to change the vehicle or upgrade my vehicle before end of term?

The option to upgrade or change is only available at the end of the agreement. If the contract is terminated before the agreed duration, a nominal fee will be charged back to the customer.

Are there any additional charges at the end of my lease?

There are no additional charges at the end of the lease, if the leased vehicle is returned & conforms to our Fair Wear & Tear guide (shared along with the lease contract)