Honda parts and accessories

Al-Futtaim Honda’s parts service helps it to deliver the best components and unrivalled customer service to a wide range of customers across the UAE. The business supplies retail outlets, service centres, government organisations and fleet customers with all the parts and accessories they need. These items are delivered quickly to any location across the UAE.

A state-of-the-art online system provides real-time data and accurate electronic identification of items to organise and distribute them efficiently. The Central Parts Distribution Centre in Dubai acts as the central hub for product supply and holds a stock of over 40,000 items. Here a well-organised ‘one part, one bin’ system makes sure products are re-ordered before they go out of stock, so that buyers always have access to components. This extensive stock includes tyres, batteries, cambelts and more, alongside a variety of accessories to enhance a car’s looks or practicality.

A knowledgeable and highly trained team supports buyers by helping them find the most suitable parts or accessories. They are always available during business hours to offer their expert guidance and can be relied on to present a competitive quote.

Accessories Pack Catalogue