Car Service Centre

What to Expect When You Take Your Car to Honda's Service Centre

The best way to keep your Honda in top condition and running smoothly is to have it serviced regularly. Your car service centre in the UAE will advise you how often you should be having your car looked at, whether it’s new or pre-owned. Not only is it essential for the longevity of your car, but it gives you peace of mind that you and your family are in a safe, reliable vehicle that won’t let you down.

Honda service centres in the UAE are specifically set up to look after all models of Honda cars, whether you’re driving a Civic, a CR-V or the legendary Accord. Your Honda engineers are trained to deal with the technical specifications of Honda cars and know exactly what to check in a car service.

A top-to-bottom examination of your car

The best car service centres in the UAE won’t skimp on any aspect of your annual service. From spark plugs to all of the fluids, brakes and transmission to electronics and engine mapping, they’ll go through a multi-point checklist that’s been designed by Honda to be efficient and thorough.

Genuine manufacturer’s parts

If anything needs replacing during your 10,000km service, your Honda engineers will only use genuine manufacturer’s parts. Yes, ‘pattern’ parts or generic parts may be cheaper, but they’re cheaper for a reason – they’re usually poor quality and don’t quite fit properly! For an engine with thousands of moving parts that all rely on each other for the smooth operation of the car, which can be a big issue.

Buying cheap parts for your car is a false economy, and don’t forget, some consumables may actually be covered by your warranty, so they’re effectively free!

A full service history

One of the biggest questions people ask when buying pre-owned cars is, “Does it have a full service history?” The reason this is important is that it gives a potential buyer a history of the car, detailing what parts have been replaced (and when) and if there have been any issues with the vehicle. An incomplete history raises a red flag among buyers, and could affect the resale value of your Honda further down the line.

Book into a Honda Service Centre and your service history will show that your car has been cared for regularly by qualified and experienced Honda engineers, making it a more attractive and valuable asset should you wish to sell it on later.

Complete honesty

If you take your car in for a service, one thing you’ll expect from the outset is honesty. At Trading Enterprises Honda, all of our engineers are Honda-certified, so you know you can trust them when they give you their report on the condition of your car.

Time to pay

Let’s be honest – saving costs when running a premium class car is great! So if there is any way you can save money then you should consider it. By booking your car into a Honda Service Centre in Dubai, you’ll be able to spread the cost of your services for up to six months with payment plans on selected credit cards, and benefit from reduced costs and discounts on labour and parts for any additional repairs. It’s that flexibility, combined with expertise and attention to detail that makes Trading Enterprises Honda one of the most respected and the best car service centres in the UAE.