Trading Enterprises Honda supports reigning and 5-time UAE Superbike champion Mahmoud Tannir

Trading Enterprises – Honda has announced its sponsorship of Mahmoud Tannir – reigning and 5-time UAE Superbike champion for the upcoming season.

The sponsorship agreement will see Mahmoud, XX (AGE), a Lebanese national, ride a Honda XXX (BIKE).

Commenting on the sponsorship, Oscar (SECOND NAME), Managing Director at Trading Enterprises, said, “Honda's history in the motorbike segment is a long and successful one and our association with the UAE's reigning Superbike champion aims at raising awareness of the brand's legendary heritage and its best-in-class bikes. We look forward to a successful partnership.”

Mahmoud Tannir, said, “Honda has a very rich history in racing and I'm extremely happy to be part of the legendary brand. I look forward to my first race and I am confident with the support of the team I can stay focused and be on top of my game.”