Al-Futtaim Honda to introduce Dubai Font in all its marketing communications

Al-Futtaim Honda has announced that it will use the recently introduced Dubai Font in all its marketing communications starting with its Ramadan campaign which was launched earlier this month.

The introduction of the Dubai Font marks the Al-Futtaim company as one of the early adopters of the font from among the private sector.

Yolanda Delport, General Manager - Marketing at Al-Futtaim Honda said: “It is exciting for us to be among the first organisations to be using the Dubai Font. We constantly strive to grow alongside Dubai and incorporating the font is part of our mission to continue this. The introduction of the Dubai Font is part of the Dubai government’s efforts to enhance the Emirate’s role and to emphasis its excellence in the digital world and we are extremely happy and proud to support this growth.”

Dubai has become the first city in the world to develop its own bespoke font to worldwide acclaim. It was developed as a font with unique specifications that aims to encourage self-expression and reading. The font fills a design gap between Arabic and Latin texts and presents harmonious typefaces combining the two scripts.