About Al-Futtaim Group

The Al-Futtaim name began as a trading business in the 1930s, and has grown to become one of the most forward-thinking business houses headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Today the Al-Futtaim Group is represented by more than 65 companies across a broad range of sectors including commerce, industry and services. We employ over 20,000 staff across the following nations and continents:

  • UAE
  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Egypt
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Syria
  • Singapore

Europe – this is a region, not a country and so does not fit with this list.

Our entrepreneurial and customer-centric approach enables us to continue growing by adapting to meet the needs of the people we serve. It is our aim to offer customers the widest choice of the world’s leading brands and support them to an unrivalled standard.

This attitude is reflected in our mission statement: ‘together we strive to be an outstanding company achieving customers for life’. This declaration is based on six key values which are: to be welcoming, trustworthy, respectful, innovative, inspiring and ambitious. Our success is based on this foundation, and it leads our success into the future.

Our current structure features seven operational divisions of automotive, electronics, engineering and technologies, retail, financial services, general services, and real estate and joint ventures. We allow the businesses involved in each division to operate independently from all others, which gives them the versatility and flexibility to remain competitive. For our employees this provides a defined work culture where they can feel empowered with authority and responsibility. The majority of these businesses also dominate their sectors, as each is built on a strong portfolio of leading brands.

By managing change and upholding the values of integrity, service and social responsibility we are committed to strengthening our position for the future.