GL1800 Goldwing

Honda GL 1800 Goldwing

Honda’s mighty goliath – the Goldwing - is still the undisputed king of the road, and the 2018 model takes this remarkable motorcycle to the next level. The Honda GL 1800 Goldwing celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2015, and is well established as one of the most rewarding and luxurious touring bikes in the world. The latest version delivers a new level of quality with more power and even more comfort for both rider and passenger over long distances. The Goldwing is the ultimate choice for luxury touring and the most comfortable way to enjoy the open road on two wheels. 


Honda has engineered the Goldwing to deliver flawless performance and comfort for you and your passenger, no matter how far you plan on travelling. As the rider, you benefit from an upright seating position that gives a clear view of the road ahead, as well as minimising fatigue and muscle strain, so you can keep going for longer. A large windscreen sits just below your eye line to block wind and reduce distractions. Your passenger relaxes on a plush couch-like seat with a high back – more like a comfortable armchair than a motorcycle pillion seat. The slightly higher position gives the passenger a clear view of the road too, rather than just the back of the driver’s safety helmet.

The indicators mounted to each wing mirror make sure other road users are fully aware that you intend to turn. They are joined at the front by powerful headlamps for optimum visibility during night driving. As well as being practical, the body is stylish too and a choice of paint finishes gives the motorcycle its own personality that you can match to your own. 


The Goldwing is a leader in its class as its features prove. The model boasts an integrated satellite navigation system that is easy to operate as you are on the move. A premium audio system entertains rider and passenger during long journeys. You can also track your progress and bike output through the integrated multi-function information centre. 

When planning an adventure, there is no need to pack light as generous storage boxes at the rear and side carry plenty of essential items. Everything is perfectly balanced too, so even when you’re fully loaded up the handling is light, responsive, and positive.

Performance and engines

Out on the road the GL 1800 Goldwing feels solid and confident, thanks to its 1,832cc six-cylinder engine. Power is transferred to the road through a five-speed maintenance-free gearbox, and although the model may look big, it is still agile. The aluminium frame saves weight and is rigid to enhance the model’s nimbleness.

Safety is another feature of the Goldwing’s performance and it leads the class in passive and active protection features, developed by Honda. An Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) slows the Goldwing quickly from speed without loss of control. The GL 1800 Goldwing gets the better of its rivals in many ways and should be seriously considered for riders who want to upgrade to a new touring motorbike.

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​GL 1800 Goldwing​